Online Interactive Science Museum about Emergence

Learn about emergent phenomena and how emergence impacts your world. A mix of art and science that let’s you explore emergence through activities and games, from the basic principles and real world examples to some of the latest research.

For most people, emergence is an unfamiliar concept. Yet, the study and understanding of emergent phenomena is likely to be critically important for addressing many of the key challenges faced by science and society, from Mad Cow disease to global warming. The interactive online learning experience,, addresses this information gap by providing an engaging platform through which visitors can learn about emergence and itís relevance to their lives. In order to captivate visitors with diverse interests and learning styles, includes a wide range of informational activities, from a manga comic and a video game, to an interactive computer simulation, a dance video, and a voyage into the brain. At, visitors can also learn about important research into emergent systems — both from a scientific and a humanistic perspective. For example, current exhibit areas address self-organizing protein fibers (known as amyloids) and their role in everything from exploratory tissue engineering technologies to Alzheimer’s disease. wishes to acknowledge the generous support provided to it by the following individuals, foundations and corporations: Douglas Carlston, Deborah Fried, Delle Foundation, Richard Lounsbery Foundation, Trinity Capital Corporation

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History & Amyloid Plaques: Causes of Alzheimer’s Disease

42-Unit Form of Beta Amyloid: Causes of Alzheimer’s Disease

Beta Amyloid: Causes of Alzheimer’s Disease

Tau Protein Tangles & Microtubules: Causes of Alzheimer’s Disease

Symptoms & Brain Cell Damage: Causes of Alzheimer’s Disease

MRI Brain Scans: Alzheimer’s Symptoms & Brain Damage

Brain Parts’ Functions: Alzheimer’s Symptoms & Brain Damage

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